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The users utilizing this web site will see insert in their own equipment (pc, tablet, Smartphone, or other) a min quantity of information in little files named “COOKIES”.

Our COOKIES permit us to:

- Memorize the preferences selected
- Avoid asking the same info during the same visit (name and password for example)
- Analyze the use of the services and contents given to optimize the experience of navigation and service offered.
- To improve the look of the Web and his operation.

By disabling COOKIES some of our services could not work and some pages might not be visualized properly.


Technical COOKIES
This type is directly related to the functioning of the WEBB they don’t trace in any way the sensitive data and they can be two kinds:

Once you close the browse they are not canceled, but they remain memorized until the expiration date set or canceled manually.

They are destroyed each time the browser is closed.

“Cookies” are necessary to visualize correctly the Webb, and they will be automatically utilized and sent unless the user modifies the setting in his own browser (helping so the visualization of the pages on the web)


These COOKIES in this category are used to collect the use of the Webb.
We will use this information connected to statistical analysis to improve the Webb and makes the contents more interesting and connected to the users.

Analytical cookies collects all the data in an anonymous was regarding the activity of the users and how they got to the web site.
Analytical cookies are sent from the web site itself or third part domains.

Analysis of cookies of third part services
COOKIES are used to collect info about the use of the site from the users in an anonymous form: pages visited, geographic location, age, gender, and interests for marketing campaign.
These Cookies are sent from third part domain external to the Web.

Other cookies of third parts
These Cookies integrate functionality developed from third part inside the pages of the Webb, as preferences expressed in the social Network medias, to share the contents of the Webb or for services use of third part (as software to develop maps, and give further services).

These cookies are sent from partners and third part offering their functionality in between the web site pages.


These cookies are necessary to create useful profiles to send advertising messages with the preferences of the users inside the web pages.
Our site doesn’t use profiling cookies.

Wed sites and third part services.
The Webb site could contain connections with other Webb with privacy info, each holder of each site is responsible of his own published content and of the use of his own cookies, so if necessary it could be needed to get in touch with each of them.

Cookies used by the Webb site.

Type of cookies: “like” button and Facebook services Inc.
Description of the use: the button “ I like” and Facebook services are necessary to interact with Facebook social network and Facebook Inc. provides them.
Policy Link and Place of the treatment: USA Privacy Policy

Type of Cookies: YouTube and third services of Google Inc.
Description of usage: YouTube is a social network dedicated to the visualization of the video contents and managed by Google Inc. with possibility of integrating the contents inside his own pages.
Policy link and place of treatment: USA Privacy Policy

Type of Cookies: Google fonts service of Google Inc.
Description of usage: Google Inc. manages Google fonts is a service, which permits of incorporate and visualize the personalized styles and it.
Policy and place of treatment: USA Privacy Policy
Type of cookies: Statistic System of Google analytics of Google Inc.
Description of the usage: To analyze the access and behavior of the users the Webb has a system to monitor access, pages visited, settings of the browser and other.
Policy and place of treatment: USA Privacy Policy

How to disable the configuration of the browser

If you don’t want to receive cookies you can cancel, block, the alerts before they are memorized.

It is a very simple operation that can be executed from every browser.
You can find info as to activate and/or deactivate the cookies on the relative browser as for example:

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