Imitation Leather Fabrics

(Come Back)

The real specialty of this mill. Leathertex is a pioneer in this category. These products are really well done that unrecognizable from real leather, but what’s more, they can be machine washed and dry-cleaned. The result achieved by Leathertex are extraordinary for the quality of the products that were born with an ethic purposes in order to avoid killing animals to obtain leather. For this reason Leathertex created also eco-friendly products of regenerated Leather called "Second Life" to be a step forward in the research of sustainability. 

Items studied for outerwear, pants, also stretch, looks like nappa, crust, and suede.

Nappa looks, veal, kid, buffalo, nubuck, printed snake, crocodile, imitation lizard.
Metallic nappa , perforated, fringed, fancy embossed.

Possibility of items to be dyed or treated, garment washed, or mishandle (and stone) washed.
Stock service and wide range of different color items. 


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