Coated Fabrics and Polyurethan Films

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Another flagship category of products by Leathertex: coated fabrics and polyurethane films. 
These coated fabrics have a huge variety of looks: plain coating vinyl effect, crinckled coating patent leather, thick, thin, glossy, matte, fisherman jackets' style and many more. All of them can have a different backside fabric that can exhalt the quality of the articles (viscose base, jersy, knitted base, polyester background, they can be bonded with fur or shierling, stretch and bi-stretch backsides) and many of them can be embossed with differetn patterns and designs from animalier to geometric ones.
Another development of Leathertex is the variety of PU films in different qualities: glossy, matte, thick, thin, transparent, colored or laminated (metallic look, colored look, rainbow look or mirror effect). 

Leathertex, in its path of research dedicated also two lines of sustainable coatings: "Vero Vegan" and "Waterborne"


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