• Imitation Leather Fabrics

    The real specialty of this mill. Leathertex is a pioneer in this category. These products are really well done that unrecognizable from real leather, but what’s more, they can be machine washed and dry-cleaned. The result achieved by Leathertex are extraordinary for the quality of the products that were born with an ethic purposes in order to avoid killing animals to obtain leather. For this reason Leathertex... More info

  • Coated Fabrics and Polyurethan Films

    Another flagship category of products by Leathertex: coated fabrics and polyurethane films. These coated fabrics have a huge variety of looks: plain coating vinyl effect, crinckled coating patent leather, thick, thin, glossy, matte, fisherman jackets' style and many more. All of them can have a different backside fabric that can exhalt the quality of the articles (viscose base, jersy, knitted base,... More info

  • Quilted Fabrics and Outerwear Fabrics

    Outerwear items realized on a wide range outdoors solid, cinzed, quilted with innovative installations.Fancy yarns, elastic threads, needled, laser, assembled.Vast offer of customization available, without bulk minimun quantity requested.Almost every material can be quilted: from vinyls to fake leathers, from foil fabrics to PU films, each one in special designs or patterning. You can choos the padding of your... More info

  • Fancy Fabrics and Special Fabrics

    Other types of fabrics in Leathertex collection are made of yarn dyed qualities, printed qualities, special resins, embroidered with special yarns, dissembled, creased, plisse’, pleated, perforated, faux fur or microfiber fabrics also for lining and bonded items. The Sky's the limit to our creativity!COME BACK

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